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How To Backup Home Assistant On Google Drive

How To Backup Home Assistant On Google Drive
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Table of Contents

Install Google Drive Backup Addon

To install the addon follow these steps

Step 1: Click on Home Assistant Settings > Add-ons

Step 2: Click on Add-On Store on the bottom right right hand corner

Step 3: Click on the three dots in the top left-hand corner and select repositories

Step 4: Add the following URL and click Add

Step 5: Search for Home Assistant Google Drive Backup and click on install.


Authenticating with Home Assistant Google Drive Backup

To authenticate with your Google Drive, follow these steps

Step 1: Click the Open Web UI button on the addon page.

Step 2: Click on Authenticate With Google Drive


Step 3: Authenticate with your Google account and allow to access your Google Drive

Step 4: Now copy the Authorization String and paste it into the box in Home Assistant and click Save

With this, you have now connected your Google Drive to Home Assistant to upload your Home Assistant backups.

Configuring Home Assistant Backups

You can set quite many options to configure your Home Assistant backups

Option 1: You can set the number of backups on your Home Assistant itself and Google Drive.


Option 2: Set a schedule for your backups and password-protect the backups.


Option 3: Set file name pattern and select your custom backup folder on your Google Drive.


Option 4: Taking Generational Backups is one of the best options to enable. This takes backups and maintains backups at certain intervals of time.


For example, the above setting will take and maintain a day-old back, a week-old, a month-old, and a year-old backup.

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