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How to Run Home Assistant Container with Docker

How to Run Home Assistant Container with Docker
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  • A device with Ubuntu running.
  • Active internet connection to the device.
  • SSH access to the device Or Terminal on the device.

If you are installing this on Raspberry PI, you can refer to the article here where I explain how to install Ubuntu on raspberry pi.

Installing Docker and Docker Compose

You can go to this website to install Docker and Docker Compose. This is the official Docker website to install Docker.

In the above link, follow the two parts i.e.

  • Set up the repository ( 3 steps)
  • Install Docker Engine ( 3 steps)

Once you are ready with the 3rd step and you can run the hello world docker image, we will then make the docker command run without the sudo command i.e. without root permissions.

For this follow this link and perform the 4 steps.

At the end of the 4th step, you should be able to run the docker command without sudo .

Create Home Assistant Docker Compose file

Create a docker-compose.yaml file and add the following content.

version: '3'  
    container_name: homeassistant  
    image: ""  
      - <YOUR_CONFIG_LOCATION>:/config  
      - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro  
    restart: unless-stopped  
    privileged: true  
    network_mode: host

In this, replace the YOUR_CONFIG_LOCATION with a location on your system so that you can store the configs on your machine and will not be lost when the container stops or restarts.

Starting Home Assistant Container

Once you create the above docker-compose.yamlfile, in the same directory run the following command

docker compose up -d

This will start the Home Assistant Container using Docker Compose.

You can now access the Home Assistant using your browser at the following location


Replace the your_machine_IP_address with the IP address of the Ubuntu device.

With this, you are now running Home Assistant Container using Docker Compose.